As a Team with an Iron Will, Jiangxi Kinwong People Create Miracles!

September 28, 2019

On September 27 – 28, Liu Shaobai, President of Kinwong Group, visit  Jiangxi Base to inspect the production and operation of Jiangxi Kinwong Intelligent Plant Phase II, accompanied by Liu Yu, Vice President of Kinwong Group and President of PCB Business Group.

Jiangxi Kinwong Intelligent Plant Phase II was put into production on March 28, 2018, aimed at becoming a highly automated, flexible, efficient, short delivery term, fully traceable, and highly intelligent plant in the industry. Since the Plant was put into operation half a year ago Kinwong have gathered the strength of the whole Group, and its business group and business units have worked together to overcome many difficulties. They have fought hard battles in many aspects, such as equipment integration and connection, logistics and equipment connection, system design and debugging, plant production and operation, IT system operation and maintenance. With an iron will and team strength, Jiangxi Kinwong people constantly make breakthroughs and have smoothly achieved periodical targets.

During the first-line inspection of the production in Jiangxi base, President Liu felt very pleased and excited when he saw the smooth operation of the equipment, the energetic state of the employees, the remarkable effect of man-machine coordination and the gradual improvement of the infrastructure of the whole plant. Up to now, the equipment of the first and second production lines of the Plant Phase II has been fully put into production, and the third production line, which has been fully installed, is currently at trial-production stage.The fourth production line is expected to be installed at the end of 2018.

At the on-site meeting of management cadres in Jiangxi, Guan Shuchun, Vice President of PCB Business Group recalled all sorts of hardships since the construction of the plant in Jiangxi Base, in which process Jiangxi Kinwong people created one miracle after another with an unyielding spirit. Liu Yu, President of PCB Business Group, pointed out that Jiangxi Plant shoulders heavy responsibilities of the whole Group`s future development. Jiangxi Kinwong is engaged in a great cause in the whole industry, and Kinwong people are the practitioners of it. Up to now, the most difficult period is over. What’s the next is to optimize the details, and along with the thinking shifts from traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing in the development process, to continue persisting in the idea of creating value for customers in a customer-centered manner in concrete work.

President Liu stressed that Jiangxi Kinwong is a blessed land for creating glorious history and miracles. Miracles do not emerge out of the void. All the achievements depend on not only steel like Jiangxi Kinwong team, but also the efforts of each Kinwong people. The achievements of Jiangxi Kinwong will be recorded in the history of the industry in the future, of which each Kinwong participant will be proud. There is still a long way to go for the development of intelligent chemical plants in the future. That we have automated equipment does not mean that we can produce high-tech products. Future technological advance and automation upgrading are complementary. Kinwong has always adhered to the idea of “people-oriented” The automation and intelligentization cannot develop without people. In order to achieve the high-end intelligence level of man-machine coordination, we must build a leaning organization, focus on our own growth, take full advantage of the Group, give full play to the collaborative role of the whole Business Group, draw on the wisdom of all Kinwong people, collaborate effectively, and continuously improve the ability to serve customers.

The Company will provide Kinwong people with vast room for growth, better living environment and more incentive policies, and enable value creators to get tangible benefits, not avoiding the striving employees suffer losses. We should have confidence and determination to work hard together with Kinwong!